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Pure Food in Japan

In October 17 ? 21, in the capital of Japan, Tokyo, "Food Trade Mission" was held within the program of EU Gateway to Japan. EU Gateway to Japan is a campaign, organized by the Chamber of Commerce of the European Union in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Japan.

In food industry, 10 new Member States, including Latvia, had the opportunity to participate for the first time. As the result, Pure Food was the only company (79 companies from Latvia applied), approved by the European Commission for the participation in the Trade Mission.

In total, 50 companies from the European Union were represented, whose representatives took part in seminars about the peculiarities of the Japanese market, visited Japanese food production plants.

The most significant aim of the Mission was the establishment of new contacts and participation in Mini Trade Fair, where the representatives of the company Pure Food met those of many Japanese companies, who were already prepared and knew about Pure Food products and the choice, offered for the Japanese market.

During the trip to Japan we had the opportunity to meet some of the largest food wholesale and import companies, which were very interested in our products. We are glad that Japanese entrepreneurs liked our jams, because degustation and comparison with the choice of jams, now in sale in Japanese shops, ours turned out to be much more natural and delicious. In general, we can characterize the visit to Japan as very successful and instructive, because it was a great experience and we learned a lot about the Oriental business culture,” said Aivars ?imants, Chairman of the Board of SIA Pure Food.

Trade Mission was not limited to the five-day work in Japan, it included several months of preparation for the Japanese customers, listening to their wishes, making contacts, translation of product catalogues and carrying out of market research, which was 80% funded by the European Commission as for the participant of the Trade Mission. Now the work will continue in strengthening the contacts and development of cooperation.

We owe great thanks to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Latvia, which helped Pure Food to successfully prepare and participate in the Trade Mission in Japan. Aivars ?imants, Chairman of the Board of SIA Pure Food, thinks that, maintaining contacts and cooperating with Japanese entrepreneurs, they will learn much more about Latvian products, and it will open the opportunities for other Latvian food producers to try to conquer the enormous market of Japan, which has purchasing capacity, demands high quality products and encompasses 125 millions people.

Source: www.purefood.lv